2007 WNV Catch Basin Program

revised 18-May-07

Beginning May 21, 2007, we will begin to apply methoprene in area catch basins for the control of Culex mosquitoes. This species of mosquito is implicated in the amplification of WNV among the bird population. We will continue to monitor area wetlands and apply Bti when we find sufficient numbers of mosquito larvae. This will reduce the population of adult mosquitoes that could become potential "bridge vectors" Our wetland program began in March and will continue throughout the summer into September. AREA RESIDENTS ARE REMINDED THAT CONTAINERS AND OTHER DEBRIS IN THEIR YARDS MAY HOLD WATER AND BREED SIGNIFICANT NUMBERS OF MOSQUITOES EACH WEEK. PLEASE HELP TO REDUCE THE MOSQUITO ANNOYANCE AND THREAT OF DISEASE BY PREVENTING WATER FROM COLLECTING IN THESE AREAS.

For more information on these and other products we use, please check the "Products" page.

Catch basin treatments will done in the following priority order:

1.      Prior year WNV activity

2.      Senior Centers and over 55 housing

3.      Recreational areas

4.      Schools (only if included as part of their outdoor IPM plan)

5.      Neighborhoods

6.      Industrial areas

This program will continue through the summer, and may be restarted in selected areas if WNV becomes endemic to an area. Many factors (time of year, weather, location, etc) will play into our response if/when WNV is confirmed in a given area.

PLEASE NOTE: Any adulticiding (spraying) in response to WNV will be done in consultation with the local Board of Health and other authorities.