Auburn 2012: updated 9/25/12 9:18am

Mosquitoes with West Nile Virus were confirmed September 12 in a surveillance trap set by CMMCP near Vinal Street on Sept. 5. Working with the Auburn Health Department, spraying in the area below was done September 20 after 7:30pm.

It’s important to note that spraying can only reduce but not eliminate the threat of mosquito-borne illness in the areas that are sprayed. That’s why it’s important for individuals to continue to take personal precautions against mosquito bites — both before and after any spraying is conducted.

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A St

Dale Ave

Mahlert Ct

Rockaway Rd

Adella St

Dixon Ave

Main St

Rockland Rd

Alden St

Duncan St

Maria Ave

Rockland Rd Ct

Alpine Trl

Eastford Rd

Marie St

Sara Dr

Ashcroft St

Forest Dr

Marilyn Dr

Sherwood Rd

Auburn St

Francis St

Nancy Dr

Shirley St

B St

Franklin St

Oak St

Shore Dr

Bay Ridge Rd

Gates Ct

Oakwood Ave

Silver St

Berlin St

Green St

Old Colony Rd

Simond St

Beverly Rd

Gwen Dr

Orchard St

Sumner St

Boyce St

Hanna Dr

Otis St

Swanson Rd

Brook Rd

Harvard Dr

Oxford St N

Sword St

Bryn Mawr Ave

Heard St

Park St

Vinal St

Burnett St

Herbert Way

Park Ter

Vincent St

Buron Ter

Highland St

Pearl St

Vine St

Buttonwood Ln

Holmes St

Perry Pl

Wallace Ave

Bylund Ave

Homestead Ave

Perry St

Wallace Ter

Bylund Dr

Horseshoe Dr

Pinebrook Ct

Walnut St

C St

Idlewood Dr

Pinehurst Ave

Wellman St

Carlson Way

Inwood Rd

Pineview Trl

Westwood Dr

Caroline St

John William Dr

Pollier Way

Wethered St

Carroll St

June St

Prospect Pky

White Ter

Cemetery Rd

Karen Ave

Putnam Ln

Williams St

Charles St

Lamper Hill Rd

Ravine Dr

Witter St

Chestnut Ave

Laurel St

Renaud Dr

Woodland Rd

Clark St

Lincoln St

Robert Ave

Zabelle Ave

Colonial Rd

Little Dr

Rochdale St


Commonwealth Ave

Lorna Dr

Rochelle St


Courville Rd

Magna Vista Dr

Rock Ave



Avoid Mosquito Bites


              Be Aware of Peak Mosquito Hours - The hours from dusk to dawn are peak biting times for many mosquitoes. Consider rescheduling outdoor activities that occur during evening or early morning. Otherwise, take extra care to use repellent and protective clothing.

              Clothing Can Help reduce mosquito bites. Although it may be difficult to do when it’s hot, wearing long-sleeves, long pants and socks when outdoors will help keep mosquitoes away from your skin.

              Apply Insect Repellent when you go outdoors. Use a repellent with DEET (N, N-diethyl-m-toluamide), permethrin, picaridin (KBR 3023), IR3535 or oil of lemon eucalyptus [p-methane 3, 8-diol (PMD)] according to the instructions on the product label. DEET products should not be used on infants under two months of age and should be used in concentrations of 30% or less on older children. Oil of lemon eucalyptus should not be used on children under three years of age. Permethrin products are intended for use on items such as clothing, shoes, bed nets and camping gear and should not be applied to skin. 


Mosquito-Proof Your Home

              Drain Standing Water - Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water. Limit the number of places around your home for mosquitoes to breed by either draining or getting rid of items that hold water. Check rain gutters and drains. Empty any unused flowerpots and wading pools, and change water in birdbaths frequently.  Contact 508.929.1300 if you have found an abandoned pool in your neighborhood.

              Install or Repair Screens - Some mosquitoes like to come indoors. Keep them outside by having tightly-fitting screens on all of your windows and doors.


Information about WNV and reports of WNV activity in Massachusetts during 2010 can be found on the MDPH website at Recorded information about WNV is also available by calling the MDPH Public Health Information Line at 1-866-MASS-WNV (1-866-627-7968).