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Mosquito control in Massachusetts operates under M.G.L. Ch. 252 (Improvement of Low Land & Swamps) and the State Reclamation & Mosquito Control Board. Other pertinent laws and regulations on mosquito control can be found here.


The Project was created by the Massachusetts State Legislature in 1973, and currently consists of 41 cities and towns in Central Massachusetts, from both Worcester and Middlesex Counties, covering over ~730 square miles. Please click here for more information on our service area.

HOW TO BECOME A MEMBER COMMUNITY: Cities may join CMMCP by a vote of the City Council; towns may join by a majority vote at a Special or Annual Town Meeting. Please call (508) 393-3055 or e-mail for an approximate assessment and an information packet to be mailed out.

For more information on the services we provide, on West Nile Virus, or any mosquito related topic, check through this website, or call the Project's office at 508.393.3055 Monday - Friday, 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM





EPA Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program

Entomological Society of America

EPA WasteWise program

Society for Vector Ecology


International Society for Infectious Diseases

Massachusetts Municipal Association

Society of Wetland Scientists

Northeastern Mosquito Control Association

Association of Mass. Wetland Scientists

American Mosquito Control Association

Mass. Association of Conservation Commissions

American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene






2014 Performance Recognition Award


2014 EPA Environmental Award


2013 Secretary's Awards for Excellence in Energy and Environmental Education


2011 Bronze award from MassRecycle Institution & Non-Profit



CMMCP membership changes 1975 - present



2017 CMMCP Annual Report

2017 Annual Operations Report

2017 NPDES Permit Annual Report

2016 CMMCP Annual Report

2016 Annual Operations Report

2016 NPDES Permit Annual Report

2015 CMMCP Annual Report

2015 Annual Operations Report

2015 NPDES Permit Annual Report

2014 CMMCP Annual Report

2014 Annual Operations Report

2014 NPDES Permit Annual Report

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2010 Annual Operations Report


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2004 CMMCP Annual Report




*Annual Operation Reports were mandated by the State Reclamation & Mosquito Control Board starting in 2007.


**National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit Annual Reports were required by the Environmental Protection Agency starting 2012.


Copies of CMMCP Annual Reports going back to 1975 are available at this link:






Executive Director

Timothy D. Deschamps, Sr.

Director of Operations

Timothy E. McGlinchy, MPA

Staff Entomologist

Curtis R. Best, B.Sc.

Staff Biologist

Frank H. Cornine III, MPH

Field Biologist

David Mullins, B.Sc.

Wetland Project Coordinator

Katrina K. Proctor

Office Manager

Ellen Holmes

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Phone: (508) 393-3055 Fax: (508) 393-8492

General e-mail:


Mr. Richard Day, MSHS, RS/CHO


Mr. Pablo Noguera, C.E.


Hon. Dean Mazzarella


Mr. Paul Mazzuchelli, MPH, RS/CHO


Dr. Sam Telford III, Sc.D., M.S.



* Any correspondence to the CMMCP Commission will be addressed at the monthly Commission Meeting. Please include your contact information in the message.



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Public records request all requests must be sent to for review by the Dept. of Agricultural Resources General Counsel per their requirement, and it will be up to the General Counsel to determine, what, if any, information will be released; and will be subject to their timetable.


CMMCP Superintendent/Executive Director history 1975-present