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BVAŽ 2 mosquito oil

BVA 2 is highly refined mineral oil used for the control of mosquito larvae and pupae. When applied evenly over the water surface it rapidly interrupts the air/water interface and suffocates the larvae or pupae. This quick action makes it an effective larvicide/pupacide for any program. A significant advantage is that mosquitoes cannot develop resistance to BVA 2 oil because control is through a physical mode of action. Another advantage of the physical mode of action is its effectiveness on all mosquito species.

Several trials using pan and small test plots were performed by Mulrennan Research Labs to determine how effective BVA 2 Larvicide is compared to another oil used as a pupacide. At 24 hours post treatment BVA 2 showed a 99.8% kill rate.

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BVA 2 mosquito oil ()

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BVA 2 mosquito oil ()