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CMMCP Contact Information:



Mailing address: 111 Otis Street Northborough, MA 01532

Business hours: Monday - Friday, 7:00 AM - 3:30 PM (excluding holidays)

Phone: (508) 393-3055 . Fax: (508) 393-8492

General e-mail:

CMMCP Staff Contacts:

Executive Director

Timothy D. Deschamps, Sr.

Director of Operations

Timothy E. McGlinchy, MPA

Staff Entomologist

Curtis R. Best, B.Sc.

Staff Biologist

Frank H. Cornine III, MPH

Field Biologist

David Mullins, B.Sc.

Wetland Project Coordinator

Katrina K. Proctor

Office Manager

Ellen Holmes


CMMCP Board of Commission:

Mr. Richard Day, MSHS, RS/CHO


Mr. Pablo Noguera, C.E.


Hon. Dean Mazzarella


Mr. Paul Mazzuchelli, MPH, RS/CHO


Dr. Sam Telford III, Sc.D., M.S.



* Any correspondence to the CMMCP Commission will be addressed at the monthly Commission Meeting. Please include your contact information in the message.


CMMCP Online Service Request Form - click this link to send a request to have a Field Technician investigate a wetland for larval mosquitoes, or perform surveillance for high adult mosquito population in your area. Limited applications of a specific product may result from this investigation.

Online Pesticide Exclusion Form - click this link to send a request to have your property excluded from pesticide applications for mosquitoes by CMMCP.