Reiter-Cummings modified gravid trap

Reiter-Cummings Modified Gravid Trap

The Gravid Trap is a plastic washbasin, filled with a liquid attractant (fondly called "Mosquito Soup" - see ingredients at bottom of page). The device on top draws air through a collection chamber (this is important - the mosquito is not drawn through the fan, preserving the specimen). Attracted by the stagnant water, a female mosquito attempts to land on the water surface to lay her eggs. She is then drawn into the collection chamber and trapped.

CMMCP deploys these traps throughout our service area to monitor viral activity. They are moved if needed to sample in as many locations as possible. Mosquito collections (called pools) are sent to the Mass. DPH State Lab. Institute in Jamaica Plain. Notification of positive pools of mosquitoes is given to the CMMCP office and local Board of Health by MDPH. The next response will vary, according to MDPH guidelines, CMMCP recommendations and local BOH desires.

For more information, please call our office at 508.393.3055 and ask to speak to our Staff Entomologist, Curtis Best or send him an e-mail.

Please click here for a map of our mosquito trap sites

"Mosquito Soup" - 114 liters well water - 1/2 kilogram alfalfa hay, 5 grams brewers yeast, 5 grams lactalbumin (malted milk powder) - mix thoroughly, set for 6 days.