CMMCP Wetland Restoration Program:

Town of Hopedale, Job #651 Greene Street

Pre-restoration photos taken March 13, 1998. Post-restoration photos taken April 27, 1999.

All photos by Tim Deschamps  

Photograph 1 (pre-): This is where the topography of the area begins to flatten, and the overflow of the stream channel is evident.



Photograph 2 (post): Here is the same area, with the channel cleaned and defined back to the historic dimensions. Note the meander, following the original stream course.

Photograph 3 (pre-): This area is about 100 feet downstream form the photos above, and shows the extent of the flooded area. This area is certain to become a mosquito nuisance if allowed to remain as it is.



Photograph 4 (post): This shows the same area with a defined ditch, and the spoil removed and spread thinly on the side. Where once the ditch was fragmented, it is now defined.

Photograph 5 (pre-): This is the posterior of the swamp, and the extent of the damage from the lack of stream definition is evident.

Photograph 6 (post): A nice, defined stream channel winding through the maples. All water in now contained and shunted to the lower culvert system.