MassRecycle is the statewide coalition of individuals, municipalities, businesses, institutions and nonprofits dedicated to promoting and realizing the economic, social and environmental benefits resulting from reducing, reusing and recycling, and to increasing the utilization of recycled products.



Due to our unique Board and membership that draws from both the businesses that provide the recycling infrastructure and the municipalities that use those services, we are primed to provide leadership and expertise on waste reduction and materials recovery.  We examine each obstacle to increasing recycling with the goal of finding the right solution to maximize impact for all.



We educate to ensure that the benefits of recycling are properly understood. There has long been a mysticism around waste removal. It is easy to turn a blind eye when it comes to trash. And some, even some decision makers, still view recycling as strictly an environmental trend. But the benefits from reducing, reusing and recycling go far beyond.


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CMMCP WAS selected to receive MassRecycle’s 2011 BRONZE Award in the Institution & Non-profit category. MassRecycle’s Annual Recycling Awards recognize individuals, businesses, municipalities and organizations for their outstanding efforts to increase recycling and eliminate waste in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Through an independent peer review process, CMMCP was chosen for our significant impact out of a field of 54 candidates nominated this year. CMMCP is honored to be selected by MassRecycle and receive the recognition for our used tire program.


MassRecycle is a statewide coalition of individuals, governments, businesses, institutions and non-profit organizations dedicated to promoting and realizing the vital environmental, social and economic benefits created by reducing, reusing, and recycling waste materials, and by increasing the utilization of recycled products. For more information on MassRecycle, check their webpage here: