CMMCP Wetland Restoration Program:

Town of Natick, Job #598 Ernest Drive (initial photos, please check back for a complete report)

All photos by Tim Deschamps

This is one side of the stream bank, severely eroded and with potential to continue failing.




This is the first layer of “geogrid”, a plastic mesh that will photo- decompose in a few years after the embankment has become established. This covers a layer of TRG (trap rock gravel), small ” to ” gravel set down as a base for this project.


This is the first “compost sock”, a round mesh tube that is filled with compost (no soil or animal products). The final socks that are installed are mixed with grass seed.

This is the geogrid pulled up around the first sock and is secured with wire staples. Additional layers of geogrid and compost socks are installed until they reach the desired height.

This is compost being applied behind a compost sock and used as backfill and as stabilization for the next layer of compost socks.

This is the final product. You can see 3 compost socks running the total length, and a fourth sock that runs half the length. The compost backfill and final socks are mixed with grass seed and should germinate in 10-14 days. We will monitor this site and post additional photos as they are received.




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