Equipment & Maintenance

Ultra Low Volume (ULV) Portable Hand Sprayer
Ultra Low Volume (ULV) Portable Hand Sprayer

Equipment Used:

Applications are made by using Ultra Low Volume (ULV) sprayers. No thermal fog or mist blow equipment is used by CMMCP at this time. CMMCP employs two types of ULV sprayers, truck mounted and portable handheld sprayers. The sprayer flow rates are either fixed, such as in the portable sprayers, or variable, as in the case of the truck-mounted sprayers. The flow rates for these sprayers are calibrated at the start of each season according to the specified label rates and may be rechecked periodically if indications warrant. These sprayers are also checked at the beginning of each season for proper droplet size as outlined on the pesticide label. Droplet size may also be checked on a periodic basis if indications warrant.

ULV Maintenance Schedule:

Maintenance and calibration of the ULV sprayers is an important part of our adulticide program. Maintenance reduces repair costs and equipment downtime, and frequent calibration assessments will determine that we are following label guidelines and performing ULV spray operations at the optimum settings.

As a rule, the following minimum standards apply:

  • Calibration before the start of each season (*report);
  • Droplet size testing at the start of each season (*report);
  • Monthly ultrasonic cleaning of electric spray heads;
  • Weekly flush of electric sprayers;
  • Weekly wash of sprayer;
  • General overall assessment of equipment;
  • Check filters and replace as needed.

The following recommendations are to be implemented and performed as time allows:

  • Monthly calibration (*report);
  • Monthly droplet size testing (*report);
  • Nightly flush of spray heads (end of shift);
  • Bimonthly ultrasonic cleaning of spray heads;
  • Daily wash of sprayer.

Note: All work done shall be recorded in the ULV Sprayer Maintenance Log.

*Individual reports as well as a note in the maintenance log. Laminate these reports and place in the pesticide label binders for each vehicle.

Equipment Security:

ULV equipment in use at CMMCP falls under strict security. All employees are required to wear photo identification at all times while on shift. The ULV spray equipment is locked up in several ways.

  1. The spray heads are locked at the end of each shift and can be removed and locked in a separate storage container.
  2. The flow control boxes are locked at all times.
  3. The pesticide container is locked at all times.
  4. Employees lock the trucks and any other equipment when they are away from the vehicle for any extended length of time.
  5. The electronic control boxes can be removed to disable the ULV rig entirely.

Safety Equipment:

All applicators are equipped with respirators, latex/nitrile gloves, long sleeve shirts and long pants to minimize their exposure to any products in use at CMMCP. Any items in need of repair or replacement can be brought to the attention of any member of the CMMCP Safety Committee, the Operations Foreman, the Director of Operations or the Executive Director.