Exclusion Regulations:

Exclusions from our program are outlined in the Mass. Pesticide Regulations, 333CMR §13.04, paragraph 6, subsection 1(b). Residents who have excluded their properties through this legislation must send a registered letter to their City or Town Clerk before March 1 of each year. The letter must include the names of the property abutters, and the exclusion property is required to be marked every 50 feet with paper plates or similar means indicating “No Spray”. CMMCP personnel pick up these registered letters at the Town Clerk’s office in early April of each year. These names and addresses are added our spray exclusion list for that city or town. We maintain a spray exclusion list for every city or town in which we operate. Additional exclusions may be received by CMMCP throughout the year by phone, fax, e-mail, and letter, in person at our office or by contacting field personnel. All exclusion requests remain on our “No Spray List” until the residents request to be removed from the list or relinquish control of the listed property.

If time allows, our applicators may notify residents on the “No Spray” list if an application is scheduled in their area that evening. This gives our applicators a chance to meet these residents, ask and answer questions, and survey their property. On rare occasions and only under specific instances, CMMCP field staff will contact residents listed on the exclusion list as “Contact when in area” to inform them that an application may be done in their area, and that their property will definitely be excluded from this application. The instances will include any medical and/or other extraordinary reasons. CMMCP office and field staff is not able to call or visit everyone on the exclusion list before each application.

Some additional factors that influence the decisions before an application:

  •  Wind: No applications are made once wind gusts prevent applicator from controlling drift within a reasonable expectation. Each product may have specific instructions/restrictions on the label for wind speed.
  • Temperature: No applications are recommended once the temperature drops below 50oF. Each product may have specific instructions/ restrictions on the label for temperature.
  • Setback from Water: No applications are recommended within 100 ft of a body of water. Each product may have specific instructions/ restrictions on the label for setback from bodies of water.

Identification & Location of Exclusion Properties:

The exclusion properties for each city and town are located on a clipboard that each applicator takes with them at the beginning of his/her shift. In addition to the names, addresses and other comments (asthmatic, pregnant, notify first, etc.) of the exclusion properties, the following information is included on the No Spray list:

  1. City or Town;
  2. Phone number of the local Police Department;
  3. CMMCP District number;
  4. Latest revision date of this exclusion list;
  5. Page numbers;
  6. Map section number;
  7. Date of registered exclusion (if any).

All cities and towns in our service area have been divided into map sections, and the corresponding section number is located on the No Spray list as well as all adulticide and larvicide service requests. This gives the applicator a quick reference as to whether there are exclusion properties in the area of a potential application.

Before any applications are performed the area is surveyed and compared to the addresses on the No Spray list to confirm and identify the locations of any exclusion properties. If properties are identified that do not exist on the exclusion list, this information is included on the applicators work report, and written on the exclusion list in his/her possession. The exclusion list on file at the CMMCP office is then revised and reprinted.

If any exclusion is called into the CMMCP office during the work day when the exclusion list has already been taken by an applicator, this applicator is called on direct link radio (Nextel) or cell phone to alert then to the new exclusion property location.

Properties that are marked according to 333CMR §13.04, paragraph 6, subsection 1(b) are identified, and exclusion properties not marked accordingly are located with a geographical reference (white house, house number, red fence, etc.) to be identified later as the application is being performed. In an instance where an applicator is assigned to an area not familiar to him/her, this applicator will coordinate with the Crew Leader assigned to that District to be informed about exclusion properties and all other situations that demand special attention. With any questions that arise, the Crew Leader, Director of Operations and Executive Director are all available using direct link radio or cell phones during each shift.