BG-Sentinel Trap

BG-Sentinel Trap
BG-Sentinel Trap

CMMCP deploys the BG-Sentinel Mosquito Trap in selected areas in our service area to monitor viral activity. They are moved if needed to sample in as many locations as possible.

The function of the BG-Sentinel Mosquito Trap is to:

  • Mimic convection currents created by a human body;
  • Employ attractive visual cues;
  • Release artificial skin emanations through a large surface area;
  • Use without CO2 to specifically capture selected mosquito species; and
  • Use with CO2 as an excellent general mosquito trap.

Used in combination with the BG-Lure, a dispenser which releases a combination of non-toxic substances that are also found on human skin (ammonia, lactic acid, and caproic acid), the BG-Sentinel is especially attractive to the Asian tiger mosquito, Aedes albopictus, a species of special concern in Massachusetts.

Mosquito collections (called pools) are sent to the Massachusetts State Public Health Laboratory Institute in Jamaica Plain. Notification of positive pools of mosquitoes is given to the CMMCP office and local Board of Health by MDPH. The next response will vary, according to MDPH guidelines, CMMCP recommendations and local BOH desires.