Spray Requests


The spray program will begin on June 6, 2022 and we will begin accepting requests May 31, 2022.  Check the "Request Service" button to the right on the homepage after that date or use this link: https://arcg.is/4D1aC.

Mosquito spraying is only done when certain criteria have been met; mosquitoes are active at that time, temperatures are above 55oF and winds are less than 10mph. If any of these conditions are not present at the time of the application then the service request will be rescheduled to a later date.

To see our 2022 monthly spray schedule, click this link: https://www.cmmcp.org/home/pages/2022-spray-schedules

For information on the products we use, click this link: https://www.cmmcp.org/pesticide-information/pages/products-we-use

To opt out of truck spraying, click this link: https://www.cmmcp.org/pesticide-information/pages/pesticide-exclusion