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As part of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program, the Central Mass. Mosquito Control Project offers 8 core services to residents in member communities throughout the year - Mosquito Surveillance; Public Education; Ditch Maintenance; Larval Control; Source Reduction (tire recycling); Beaver Mitigation; Adulticiding (spraying) and a Research and Efficacy Program. Click the "Services" link above for detailed information on each service. 

Some of these services are available upon request. Only residents, civic groups and school systems of member communities are eligible for this program, please check this link for a map and list of our service area:

Please check the links below for the request forms:

  1. Wetlands Inspection for Mosquito Larvae - this form is currently closed, most wetlands have already been treated and/or have become inactive for the time being. 
  2. Curbside Tire Collections - this program will go on hiatus May 30. Your information will be databased and when the program restarts you will be contacted in advance of the scheduled pickup. 
  3. Abandoned Swimming Pool Treatments - treatments to begin around June 6
  4. Ditch Maintenance Inspections
  5. Beaver Mitigation Request
  6. Educational Program Request
  7. Truck-Mounted Spraying for Flying Mosquitoes - request form will open after Memorial Day.

Please see the graph below for our seasonal program outline of each offered service. For questions on any of these services, please contact us at