How do mosquitoes grow?

Mosquitoes have a very interesting and unique biology. They go through 3 stages before maturity — egg, larvae and pupae.

Each species has a different set of conditions required to complete this process. Some species lay eggs on damp soil, where they can remain for years before hatching. Another species needs emergent vegetation (such as the common cattail) to complete this process. Other species need saltwater to develop.

One basic fact that is constant for all species — stagnant water is required for the maturation cycle. By removing, covering or draining containers, you can disrupt this process and reduce or eliminate mosquito annoyance and the potential for disease transmission from certain species in your own area.

Wetlands and other mosquito habitats may need a professional mosquito control technician — please alert the CMMCP Office if you know of a potential mosquito habitat.

For more information on mosquito biology, please check our "Mosquito Biology" webpage.