Public Education Program


A comprehensive educational program is offered to member schools, civic groups and town departments. The Public Education Program is aimed towards mosquito biology, mosquito habitat, control techniques and efforts citizens can undertake to reduce the potential for mosquito populations in their own neighborhood. This program is tailored to suit the requirements of the individual group, from elementary school children, to high school, to adult groups. Each year we reach out to well over 1,500 people in our service area.


The goals of the Public Education Program are:

  1. To inform the general public, as well as professional groups, of the mosquito control activities intended for each member community. This is done through:
    1. News releases;
    2. Speakers for community and professional organizations;
    3. Special educational and training programs (including seminars for environmental interest groups);
    4. Integration of proposed vector control programs with other organizations, agencies and institutions with similar goals.
  2. To offer educational programs to the public school system within the member cities and towns. Programs will be aimed toward mosquito biology, mosquito habitat, and efforts which students can undertake to reduce mosquito populations in their neighborhoods.
  3. Keep the member communities informed of changes and advancements in mosquito control technology and legislation.


CMMCP began the Public Education Program in 2006, in which display boards are brought to each town hall for several weeks each year. These display boards include basic information on our program, as well as mosquito biology and WNV transmission.


CMMCP personnel have exhibited at health fairs and other assemblies organized by town departments or civic groups. Displays have been presented at libraries and other locations upon request. Personnel are available to meet with town boards and committees, as well as other concerned groups. Presentations at Annual Town Meetings have been requested from both member and potential member cities and towns. Public relations handouts are included with each display so the public will have the basic information to take with them to control mosquitoes in their area and to contact our office to answer questions and if additional work is needed. PR material is stocked in all member town halls and libraries throughout the year. Would you like a display in your office/department/building? Contact us and we can arrange it at your convenience.


Monthly memos are sent in the mosquito season to the Boards of Health to outline current mosquito practices in place, and an update on WNV, EEE and other possible arboviruses.


It is planned to offer to town department staff, and eventually the general public, organized seminars at the CMMCP office which outlines the mosquito control services, teaches basic mosquito biology, and tours of the CMMCP facility.


You may contact the Education Director Curtis Best for more information on the school program.