What We Do

The addition of a fulltime Field Biologist has allowed the research projects to become more standardized, resulting in increased validity of the findings, reinforced by multiple seasons of trials.

We have annual strategy sessions in the fall/winter seasons to plan for field trials and other anticipated research for the upcoming year.

CMMCP departments as determined by the Executive Director will be expected to publish annually in such journals as the Journal of the AMCA (JAMCA), the NMCA or NJMCA Proceedings, Wing Beats, and other publications.

The Field Biologist composes reports as directed, such as weekly surveillance, rainfall data, aerial larval control, etc. and will graph and track trends as directed.

These reports will be disseminated to various parties, i.e. SRMCB, MDPH, CMMCP Commission, posted on the CMMCP website, etc.