How do you spray?

We practice a method called "Ultra-Low Volume" (ULV) spraying. Using truck-mounted equipment, our computer controlled spray machines dispense very small amounts of a dilute pesticide in an aerosol form. It's like having a large spray can on the back of the truck. We do not perform thermal fog applications, and have only performed low-volume (LV or mistblower) applications for EEE control in 2012.

The ULV sprayers have been recently modified to cover a larger area and we are trying to cover as much area as possible. The spray will drift into the area where the mosquitoes are active.  The trucks drive by at 10-15 mph, so the application is over rather quickly. We ask people give it a week or so to see the full effect, and if a new request is needed one can be submitted. We are also not going off pavement or hard packed surfaces due to personal property and liability issues.

It is not necessary to "get in my backyard" since the drift will take the pesticide where the mosquitoes are - we are spraying at a time of night when mosquitoes are coming out of the woods into the open areas seeking a bloodmeal, and they will also drift with the prevailing breeze since mosquitoes are weak flyers.