Adulticide Program


Site specific applications to control mosquito adults and reduce risk from mosquito-borne diseases.


When adult mosquito populations reach intolerable levels, hand-held or truck mounted sprayers are used to reduce the adult mosquito levels in residential areas. The project has worked diligently over the past 20 years to achieve the goal of reducing the dependency on adulticiding by increasing the emphasis on larviciding, public education, source reduction and ditch maintenance.


CMMCP continues to strive towards its goal to reduce mosquito exposure to the public, and the potential for disease transmission by mosquitoes, by utilizing proven, sound mosquito control techniques. Our staff receives constant training, our fleet is continuously updated with the state of the art equipment, and we review our practices and procedures each year to adapt to the new strategies that are introduced in our field. This document is meant as a guide to adulticiding, and may not cover every situation we may encounter. Training, experience and common sense dictate our response in any given situation. Advances in mosquito control techniques, the introduction of new products and equipment, and changes in laws and regulations will necessitate the revision of this document as necessary.