Larval Control Program


Surveys of wetlands to monitor the development of mosquito larvae and perform control techniques to minimize mosquito emergence.


Wetlands and suspected larval mosquito habitats are monitored from March through September to determine the need for applications of environmentally sensitive products (typically Bti) to control and/or eliminate the larval mosquito. By controlling mosquitoes in their larval stage the need for adult mosquito spraying is reduced. The larval program begins in March to coincide with the emergence of mosquito larvae from their egg casings. The exact date is determined by field observations of area swamps and wetlands. Once more than 50% of area wetlands are found to contain mosquito larvae then the field staff is dispatched to begin their surveillance and applications. Areas we have checked in the past are checked periodically throughout the season. If you would like to request an inspections of a potential larval habitat, please use this form: Larval Request Form

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Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Timothy E. McGlinchy MPA (508) 393-3055 ext. 103