Aerial Larvicide Program


To reduce the emergence of spring brood mosquitoes, notably Ochlerotatus excrucians,Ochlerotatus abserratus and Ochlerotatus canadensis in the towns of Billerica, Chelmsford & Boxborough. This is a supplemental appropriation paid for by these 3 towns, and is not under our standard annual assessment.

Materials & Methods:

Using helicopter applications of Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (Bti), a non-reproducing bacteria used for the control of mosquito larvae, the total numbers of spring brood mosquitoes can be reduced. This is the same product we have used for nearly 30 years as part of our regular ground larval program. Maps of the treatment sites using GIS software will be prepared for the contractor. These sites have been selected using data collected by the CMMCP staff.

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