Arbovirus Surveillance Program


Adult mosquito surveillance to monitor mosquito-borne diseases and document mosquito species and population densities.


Mosquito populations are monitored in both the larval and adult stages to determine the appropriate control methods to be employed, prevalent mosquito species, and disease transmission potential. CMMCP has instituted a program to supplement the Department of Public Health's arbovirus surveillance program for monitoring West Nile Virus in Massachusetts, using mosquito gravid traps. These traps will be placed throughout out service area and can be quickly broken down and moved to respond to the immediate needs of monitoring for this and other mosquito-borne diseases. When West Nile Virus is confirmed in a member city or town, these traps are placed in areas that have been determined to harbor this virus. Additional types of traps able to sample mammal-biting mosquitoes will also be placed to determine WNV levels and risk to the local populace.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Curtis R. Best, B.Sc. Staff Entomologist (508) 393-3055 ext. 104