Mosquito Surveillance Data

The driving force behind mosquito control is the surveillance of mosquito larvae and adults. Data collected determines the control technique to be employed to reduce or eliminate mosquito populations and risk from mosquito-borne diseases. 

Specialized mosquito traps for adult mosquitoes are deployed in all member communities, and collections are made on a weekly basis to determine prevalent mosquito species, population densities and current trends.

Mosquito samples collected from our traps are identified to species at our lab, and species of concern are frozen and brought into the Mass. Department of Public Health's laboratory in Jamaica Plain on a weekly basis. Testing for mosquito-borne viruses (called arboviruses) is done at that lab, and results are reported out to member communities and CMMCP usually in 24-36 hours. Results of this testing determines the response recommended by CMMCP to member community's Health Department.

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