Licensing & Certification

Pesticide Examination & Licensing:

The Massachusetts Pesticide Bureau licenses and certifies all applicators employed by CMMCP. CMMCP applicators are dedicated year-round mosquito control professionals that continue to educate themselves on pesticide application, vector-borne diseases and advancements in mosquito control techniques through pesticide workshops and other certification courses. These workshops and certification classes are held throughout the year and are mandatory for all CMMCP employees holding a pesticide license. New applicators train with experienced CMMCP personnel for as long as necessary until admin staff are confident they have gained the knowledge and skills to perform mosquito control applications competently. Retraining is offered to all employees prior to the start of the adulticide season. Retraining may include reviewing current CMMCP policies, reviews and updates to new pesticide regulations, and reviews of current products in use at CMMCP. These items and many others are also covered in the bimonthly Field Staff meeting held during the adulticide season.

Emergency Contacts:

All applicators in the field are all equipped with assigned cell phones, and are given a list of the following contact names & numbers in case of an emergency situation or if any questions arise:

  1. Police Dept. phone number for each town they are working in.
  2. Poison Control Center phone number.
  3. Home and cell phone numbers of the Executive Director and the Director of Operations of CMMCP.
  4. Cell phone numbers of other CMMCP employees on shift.
  5. Phone numbers for emergency spill response for Mass. DEP, Clean Harbors and Triumvirate.

All trucks are equipped with a 3-ring binder with laminated pesticide MSDS sheets & labels, as well as other fact sheets. This information is also available at the CMMCP headquarters, and from the CMMCP website. All trucks are equipped with an emergency spill response kit if a pesticide spill were to occur. All emergency phone numbers are included on the face of these kits.