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The State Reclamation and Mosquito Control Board (the "Board" and/or "SRMCB") oversees mosquito control in Massachusetts under the authority granted by MGL Chapter 252 and the several Acts of the Legislature creating mosquito control projects (the "Districts"). The Board's authority includes the important responsibility to certify District budgets. Since the Districts' budgets are not voted on by the member communities, the Board must review and certify District budgets to ensure that an appropriate level of funding is available to implement the work and improvements undertaken by the Districts under the authority of the Board.

Prior to F/Y 2002, funding for the Districts and the Board had been subject to appropriation by the Legislature and listed as line items within the budget of the Department of Food and Agriculture (DFA) budget, now the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR). Thereafter, funding for mosquito control has been by assessing proportionately each District's member cities and towns as deductions from local aid, as reported on the Cherry Sheet (the official notification from the Massachusetts Commissioner of Revenue of state aid and assessments to cities, towns, and regional school districts in the upcoming fiscal year).

For F/Y 2002 and thereafter, District budgets have no longer been subject to appropriation. Instead, the Districts submit their proposed budgets to the Board for review and certification to the Office of the Comptroller the amount determined by the Board to satisfy statutory funding standards. After the budgets are certified by the Board, a proportionate share of the total District budget is deducted from each member municipality's local aid distribution and deposited in an account administered by the Board.

Thus, state funding of the Districts and the Board now functions as "trust fund" expenditures, which are reviewed and certified by the Board to insure that expenditures for the fiscal year do not exceed related assessments.

The above text is excerpted from the SRMCB's "Budget Notification & Compliance Certification Policy", found on the Massachusetts website: click here.

Budget Meeting Information

FY/22 Budget Meeting*FY/22 Form SRB-1FY/22 Budget

FY/21 Budget Meeting*

FY/21 Form SRB-1

FY/21 Budget

FY/20 Budget Meeting*

FY/20 Form SRB-1

FY/20 Budget

FY/19 Budget Meeting*

FY/19 Form SRB-1

FY/19 Budget

FY/18 Budget Meeting*

FY/18 Form SRB-3*

FY/18 Budget

FY/17 Budget Meeting

FY/17 Form SRB-3

FY/17 Budget

FY/16 Budget Meeting

FY/16 Form SRB-3

FY/16 Budget

FY/15 Budget Meeting

FY/15 Form SRB-3

FY/15 Budget

FY/14 Budget Meeting

FY/14 Form SRB-3

FY/14 Budget

FY/13 Budget Meeting

FY/13 Form SRB-3

FY/13 Budget

FY/12 Budget Meeting

FY/12 SRB Form-3**

FY/12 Budget

*NOTE: At the May 17, 2017 SRMCB meeting, the Board amended their budget policy eliminating the requirement for a public meeting and receipt of Form SRB-3. For FY/19 they will require sending Form SRB-1 to all member municipalities Chief Administrative or Executive Officer, Finance Committee, Select Boards, and Boards of Health.

**NOTE: At the December 14, 2011 SRMCB meeting, the Board passed a motion amending the Board's budget policy to state that the new Form SRB-3 will be required by the mosquito control districts beginning FY/13. Click here to view the documents from that meeting

Budget History


Click here to view the CMMCP Budget History FY/01 - Present.

What Does Your Community Pay for Mosquito Control?


Click here for a link to the "cherry sheets": Cherry Sheet Reports. (The Cherry Sheet is the official notification by the Commissioner of Revenue to municipalities and school districts of estimated state aid to be paid and charges to be assessed over the next fiscal year). Click on the fiscal year, click on "Municipal Receipts and Charges", then click on your community's name. This will prompt you to download a Microsoft Word document (depending on your browser, you may have to select "download", etc). Once that opens, go to page 2, and look at the line titled "Mosquito Control Projects" under paragraph B, "State Assessments & Charges". This is the amount that was deducted from local aid and placed into our budget. A small percentage of this amount is transferred into the SRMCB's administrative budget. 

For your convenience here are the cherry sheets from FY/2002 - present:

For .pdf copies of historical CMMCP cherry sheet assessments, click here: Historical CMMCP Cherry Sheet Assessments.

From the cherry sheet manual, located at this link: Cherry Sheet Manual.

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