GIS Data Updates


Yearly updates of the GIS will include, but are not limited to, data from the following programs:

  • Catch Basin Larvicide Program
  • Ground Larvicide Program
  • Aerial Larvicide Program
  • Surveillance Program
  • Ditch Maintenance Program

The following datasets will also be updated regularly:

  • No spray locations
  • Adulticide service request locations
  • Arbovirus activity locations
  • Additional requested information deemed useful

Analyzing Data:

Once updates have been made, the GIS will be able to help analyze numerous aspects and relationships of the CMMCP protocols, creating a more efficient mosquito control program.

Pre-season town-by-town planning as well as end of season town-by-town reports will be created to further help the staff in their assignments.

Additional mapping needs of the staff will also be incorporated into the projects of the GIS department.