Trap Operation

Standardized trapping will commence about mid-May and will run throughout the mosquito season, until late September or early October, depending on current weather conditions and the collection protocols set up by the Massachusetts Department of Health.

CMMCP will perform standardized trapping in all member cities and towns this year, and will employ additional "hot zone" trapping in member cities and towns as needed subject to current data collected by various sources.

Additional factors to consider when planning the placement and operation of mosquito traps:

  • Current weather conditions;
  • Mass. DPH collections protocols (collection limits, etc.);
  • Topography;
  • Human density; and
  • Additional factors to be considered by state & local officials.

All data collected is entered into a computer database to be referenced as needed. CMMCP keeps current on all new trends in mosquito control and surveillance through a comprehensive network of individuals and organizations.